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Are you on the non-plan?

One of the funniest movies that I’ve seen recently is “Along Came Polly.” The 2 main characters are Reuben and Polly, and both have distinctly different personalities. In one of the scenes they are having a spat. Reuben criticizes Polly’s lack of organization and unwillingness to commit to anything in life. He suggests that she is on the “non plan” for living.


You’ve heard this a million times…Most people don’t plan to fail;most people just fail to plan. This isn’t an exaggeration. My experience has proven this to be the norm in our society.
Everyone gets so caught up in their daily routine. It’s so hard to find any extra time. Most people don’t want to talk about insurance and investments because it makes them think about scenarios that might be scary or unpleasant.


I’m in the business of talking to people about protecting themselves and their loved ones. I help people put together a financial road map that will help them realize their goals. If you’re on the “non plan” let’s get together and discuss a real plan.
Call or email, and I’ll be in touch. Plan on!